Acceptable Use Policy:



Nationwide roaming dialup:


Non-dedicated usage for nationwide dialup connections is defined as a maximum of 150 hours in a 30 day period.  For most users 150 hours usage in a month is more than they will ever need.   If you exceed the 150 hour limit, you will be billed $1 per hour for extended non-dedicated connections.  Non-dedicated connections are also limited to a maximum 4hr per connection.  If you are disconnected because of being online 4hr, you will be allowed to log back in if it is necessary.




Dedicated connections are available to our customers for both dialup and ISDN usage that have no limit to the number of hours they are connected.  Please call our offices at 601-582-2606 and talk with our sales team on finding the best solution for you or your business.


  1. Connections shall not be used to host a server site on the Internet.
  2. Accounts may be used for access to the World Wide Web, sending, receiving and reading electronic mail and transferring files via the file transfer protocol.
  3. Accounts shall not be accessed simultaneously by multiple users using the same user ID unless payment in advance is made and multiple logins authorized.
  4. Automated processes, such as checking e-mail or pinging the host to maintain a constant connection, may not be used.  Violations are subject to immediate disconnection.
  5. At no time may the Subscriber/User provide for or allow the Service for Guerrilla Networking (such as "parasitic networks" or "personal telecoms"), in which subscriber allows others to access their service for free.