ExtremeSpeed Wireless


With all the talk of high speed DSL, satellite,  and cable modem Internet access, have you heard of ExtremeSpeed Wireless as an alternative to your current Internet connection?

Even though wireless Internet access is not getting as much attention from the media as other forms of broadband, ExtremeSpeed Wireless is coming on strong!

ExtremeSpeed Wireless is now one of the nation's newest and best high speed wireless services and is available here in the Pine Belt! HUBServ ExtremeSpeed Wireless service can reach users as far away as 5 miles from any of our current access points which have the potential to reaching out at least 25 miles.

     ExtremeSpeed Wireless is not to be confused with satellite access, or cellular phone services.   ExtremeSpeed Wireless Internet access does not suffer from the latency problems and bandwidth upload and download problems experienced with most broadband services. With speeds up to 22Mbps in both directions, HUBServ ExtremeSpeed Wireless service is able to provide the speed you need while uploading AND downloading.

ExtremeSpeed Wireless does not require local phone service, DSL, satellite systems, or a cable connection. HUBServ ExtremeSpeed Wireless uses a small, inexpensive antenna that is attached to a radio at the customer premises. The antenna at the customer's site is pointed back to one of our access points.   History proves that even during inclement weather, your ExtremeSpeed Wireless connection will be strong and reliable.  Because of radio waves, you will even be safe from falling limbs, backhoes, and other tragedies that can affect wired networks.

Why Choose ExtremeSpeed Wireless?

Take your choice!  By removing the cabling and connections of a complex phone or cable network, ExtremeSpeed Wireless offers extreme reliability from end-to-end service without another company in the middle.

We provide:

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